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"I believe in soul medicine. Like soul food, soulful medicine feels yummy delicious satisfying and abundant."

- Wendy Finkelstein

What is Nephesh?

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About Nephesh

Nephesh Health is a functional and Integrative health care model on the forefront of bio-energetics and personalized metabolomics. Raising energetic voltage through oxygen and mitochondrial restoration are the fundamental first steps necessary when addressing gut/microbiome health, chronic fatigue, hormones, immune system and thyroid disease, skin issues and joint health. 

Nephesh is the Hebrew word for “vital spirit”, its associated chakra location is the throat, turquoise is its color frequency.  Activating our Nephesh is how we harness our own self- healing power. Our vital spirit is our HEALTH and  how we express our being forward in the world.


Who We Are

Nephesh believes that DIS-EASE is more than a just a physical circumstance, but also an energetic imbalance due to unconscious processing of past trauma. Wendy understands this relationship and how biochemical pathways are directly influenced by our perception and experience of safety. 


While western medicine often hyper-focuses on seeking a diagnosis or a label, it often leaves out the most important components of healing which are mindset, nutrition, lifestyle, and ongoing support.  Nephesh is dedicated to integration and filling the gaps created by Western medicine. We utilize precision-based testing bioenergetics and  personalize treatment plans that incorporate scientifically proven, natural, nonpharmacologic methods.


We specialize in: 

  • Mitochondrial Medicine

  • Bio-Identiical Hormone replacement

  • Heavy Metal Toxicity

  • Mold Toxicity

  • Gut Health

  • Autoimmune Disease

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Athletic performance Optimization

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  • Peptides

  • Aesthetics

  • Life-Span assessment 

  • Functional Dermatology

  • Bioenergetics

  • Metabolomics

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

  • Neuro-Inflammation

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Meet Wendy

Founder of Nephesh

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Wendy Finkelstein is a board-certified Physician Assistant, a certified psycho-spiritual life coach and a fellow in metabolic, nutritional, anti-aging, and functional medicine. She has a Graduate degree in Theology, a Master's degree in Medical Science, and extensive knowledge in exercise physiology.

I believe there is a sacred “space” at the edge of our skin where our spirit begins. The origin of this space expands out from our heart and functions as an important gateway into and out of the body. Our conscious and unconscious thoughts, habits, stressors, and struggles can sometimes threaten this “space” and weaken its interface, not only with ourselves but how we deal with the outside world. Once this “space” is infiltrated too deeply or if it's left unrealized, it becomes susceptible to permeable toxins, illnesses, and chronic diseases, all of which compromise how we are presented in the world.  I am in service of this “space” and in support of the process of its healing and repair. I support the first steps to wellness and believe in as many chances and opportunities a lifetime can give.

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Meet Dr. Raja

Medical Director

Dr. Raja is a innovative Board-certified Otolaryngologist for almost 25 years specializing in minimally invasive sinus ventilation procedures. He is a self proclaimed medical device geek and has helped to design many of the tools that he uses in his offices in Orlando, Tampa and West Palm Beach Florida.  Dr. Raja has been red-pilled into mitochondrial medicine as a result of caring for younger and younger patients suffering from Autommunity, Chronic Fatigue, Biotoxin Mold Illness and Neurodegeneration.

Dr. Raja understands that all Chronic Disease stems from having a lack of Mitochondrial Voltage and considers himself fortunate to be involved with Mitochondrial Rescue for the second half of his medical career.  Mitochondrial Rescue couples proprietary mitochondrial neuropeptide therapy backed by current product specific research with advanced scientific data collection to follow improvement in patient outcomes at an excellent patient value.

Dr. Raja has always been solution oriented and is grateful to be able to offer the Mitochondrial Rescue program to like-minded Practitioners with his full support in a telemedicine ecosystem using the world’s first mitochondrial wearable as well as with advanced HRV Training which he is pleased to offer on a complimentary basis. 

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