• Wendy Finkelstein

Breakout - Mitochondrial Rescue and Metabolic Flexibility: Energy is Everything!

Mitochondria are thought to be an ancient bacterium that we inherited so that we could breathe oxygen and make energy. The reason why we breathe is because we have mitochondria. 95% of all energy is made by our mitochondria. Mitochondria utilize oxygen and the electrons acquired from food to allow for every cell in our bodies to function. Mitochondria comprise 10-15% of our total body weight. This equivalent to a sim card in a smart phone. What happens when your phone dies? When our supply of energy cannot keep up with the demand for energy, inflammation, fatigue, and autoimmune disease ensue. The Mitochondria, like the gut and the brain also become leaky. Surprisingly, we can now detect mitochondrial decay well before we get the” DIAGNOSIS” In other words, the mitochondria, and its ability to hold the bodies voltage is at the heart of disease prevention. We see examples of poor mitochondrial and metabolic flexibility every day in the form of obesity, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, chronic fatigue, autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia and more. When our mitochondria are damaged our cells and their receptors malfunction. When are cells malfunction, tissue and organs can no longer do their jobs. Mitochondrial Rescue is unique protocol that supports the mitochondria and its ability to make clean energy and improve our regenerative, self-healing capacity.

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Suresh Raja, MD

Medical Director