• Wendy Finkelstein

I love Being Me

I see myself having a consciousness of oneness with the presence and power of God. I see myself ever aware of the power of God within me as a the source of everything I desire. I see myself confidently calling upon the presence to supply my every need. I love all expressions of God unconditionally, knowing the truth of all that is, I walk through life with the happy companionship of my godself, and joyfully express the goodness that I am. My wisdom and understanding of Spirit increases, and I express more fully each day the inner beauty and strength of my true being

Divine order is ever present in my experience, and there is plenty of time for all that I choose to do. I express wisdom, understanding, and love in all my dealings with others; and my words are Divinely guided. I see myself expressing the creative energy of spirit in my work, writing and speaking words of truth easily and with a depth of understanding and wisdom. Fun, uplifting ideas flow through mhy consciousness for joyful expression, and I follow through on the ideas received, bringing them into full manifestation.

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