• Wendy Finkelstein

Movement For LYFE!

Living Your Full Expression

What does it mean to be “Living Your Full Expression”?

It means diving deep & discovering your roots of what moves you

It means longevity, embodying both the physical and energetic expression regardless of your age.

It means enhancing your quality of life by taking care of the temple your soul travels in.

It means willingness to take responsibility of the challenges and limiting beliefs that hold you back so that transformation is possible

It means connecting the body, mind, & spirit in order to not only CHOOSE but to MANIFEST the visions of your consciousness.

Movement For LYFE, LLC, founded in 2017 by owner Shawn Robin, was created for the “Ministry of Well Being & Highest Quality of Life”.

My lifetime passion to honor my higher calling to provide an environment where I can lead and evoke others the skills to tap into their own body, mind and higher spiritual consciousness.

LYFE, Living Your Full Expression, is the process of transforming our own lifestyle habits through muscle memory of not only the body but also of the mind and the spirit, discovered through a consistent practice that is beneficial wherever we are in our own journey.

MFL offers the ancient practices of Yoga, Taiichi and Dance along with breath work that are proven to promote relaxation and release of tension as well as improvement of tendon health, circulation, focus, and energy.

I offer private Zoom or in person group classes where together we will discover, explore and deepen our “LYFEstyle practice of Self-transformation”.

Commit to yourself in taking ownership of your actions and thoughts that influence the outcomes of your present and future selfs, and live the life you want to live...to its fullest!!!