Nephesh: The Interface Between Frequency and Spirit

Distilling medical complexity into a conversation that unifies expands and heals.

When we understand and EXPERIENCE the magic of our human body from a more soulful “Nephesh” connection we emerge as a stronger whole.

The mitochondria is a hot topic in regenerative medicine. and while most of its messaging has been geared around its role in “anti-aging” “inflammation” “toxicity” and low energy states, I want to spend a couple moments highlighting its magnificence and beauty.

Every cell in our body except red blood cells has mitochondria. Mitochondria’s total weight in the body is similar to a sim card in an I-phone. What happens when your phone loses its charge? Like our phones, the mitochondria holds our voltage and is therefore inextricably related to how we express our unique purpose and presence into this world. After all, we are energetic beings and without a measurable frequency, we cannot survive.

I like to think of the Mitochondria as the direct interface between the physical body and the spirit/universe. This sacred part of our cells not only contains maternal DNA but also the blueprint to build future cells.

Mitochondrial maternal DNA, Just like mother earth, is constantly under assault from free radicals generated by environmental pollutants, physical and emotional stressors and its susceptibility is the root cause in many diseases. Low voltage equals sluggish innate healing capacity.

The economy of our mitochondrial energy expenditure is dependent on how well our autonomic nervous system responds to the experience of living . Said another way, how much energy you spend in sympathetic overdrive (stress, fear, scarcity, worry) versus the parasympathetic safety zone (grounded, heal, rest, digest) is ultimately what drives our desire to thrive in our existence.

Realization and awareness of this concept is experiential and exists outside of thinking but rather into feeling. When we can embody this awareness, we will be awakened to a different state of being and will not want to go “back to sleep” so to speak, and be unaware and unconscious to the physiology occurring without our permission or choice.

When our voltage is high, the mitochondria can invigorate the nephesh (spirit) and the body operates at a higher frequency/consciousness. When we tap into this space, we liberate our self healing capacity for regenerative process.

With the help of healthy perception (receptors), the nervous system is able to respond to perceived states of safety or danger and access the divine quality, known as INTUITION.

Intuition is a function of our parasympathetic nervous system and its access is our guidance back '“home” to a grounded state of balance.

Unfortunately, the additive impact of daily stressors has confused our innate compass and its ability to lead us back “home” into our bodies and into our connection with Nephesh/vital spirt. We lose are capacity to heal, and our mitochondria become weak.

This is the magic and mystery behind what truly is alive within each of us. The physical body is a portal to our highest frequency, and the beauty of evolution and the mitochondria’s place in that story is fascinating.

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Wendy Finkelsteinis a board-certified Physician Assistant, a certified psycho-spiritual life coach and a fellow in metabolic, nutritional, anti-aging, and functional medicine. She has a Graduate degree in Theology, a Master's degree in Medical Science, and extensive knowledge in exercise physiology.

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