• Wendy Finkelstein

Time Management is Shifting into Energy Discipline

This is the real story behind energy/time management. We are turning into a society that celebrates over achievers, perfectionist, and people pleasers. We refer to symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, brain fog and” being busy” as normal qualities of successful people. How did we get this distorted?

I have begun the process of noticing and becoming acutely aware of how I too have fallen victim to the fast pace, respond now, blog, post, look at me world AND I am certain there is an alternative to how we can show up and still be powerful in this world. Are you with me?

I am writing this blog to stand up against this distorted unconscious perspective. It is not OK to measure your value and worth against norms of exaggerated false role models.

Until we start managing our energy in harmony with time, there will be no flow amidst all the hustle. Beautiful moments of stillness and luminal joy will be robbed by our dopamine addicted brains and we will continue to compare our happiness against extremes of unrealistic maintenance.

Hustle without flow is draining not just our time, but our energy. The worst part, is that the silent biochemistry involved in this false model of “LIVING” is becoming louder. It is in one word, TOXIC. Maybe 2 words, TOXIC and INFLAMMATORY. Ok 3 words, TOXIC, INFLAMMATORY and DEGENERATIVE.

I want to invite you into a deeper awareness of your own energy.

I will start with a story about electrons. So, all the food you eat, all the sunshine and nature, all the vibes you receive from friends, family, strangers, they all enter your body through a huge filter called PERCEPTION. That being said, your perception about the electron/energy you are receiving signals the body to either assimilate that energy in a positive way or reject it.

You see where I am going right? What happens to all that rejected energy? It goes rogue. Electrons that go rogue are like children who misbehave. The children/electrons have the potential to disrupt the household.

This is exactly what happens in something called the electron transport chain (ETC) in every mitochondria in your body. Yes, stress, bad food, sugar, cause leaky gut and brain, but what I believe happens first, is LEAKY MITOCHONDRIA.

The facts are the facts. In order for clean energy to be produced the electrons have to pass through the electron transport chain (ETC) in a precise order that requires all ducks to be in a row. The lack of “duck” discipline towards the influx and efflux of our electrons sets us up for the most common imbalance of our time. That imbalance is METABOLIC RIGIDIDITY AND INFLEXIBILITY. This unfortunate process triggers toxins to build, inflammation to persist and degenerative processes to accelerate.

There is so much more to this story and while we as a collective all need to breathe deeper, slow down, meditate, eat better, exercise and remove energy vampires, in the meantime, we have Mitochondrial Rescue. HA HA but so TRUE! It all starts with LEAKY Mitochondria from Energy/Electron imbalance. As we begin the process of repair and harmony, it is important to start at a cellular level.

Karnozin Extra and Komplex Q10 contains exactly what is needed in the ETC to keep those electrons in order. As we age, we need more CoQ10 to keep up with the ridiculous energy demands and toxic exposures in todays world.

Nephesh Health together with Evolution Hyperbaric offers “mito rescue” protocols stacked alongside bio-energetic devices; which include, advanced heart rate variability (HRV) testing, patented hyperbaric oxygen therapy, light and scalar energy devices. All these work together in algorithmic way to exponentially slow down inflammation by reorganization energy production.

For more information about our mito-nutrients, rescue protocols, hyperbaric and other stack options please schedule a free 15 minute call.

Wendy Finkelstein is a board-certified Physician Assistant, a certified psycho-spiritual life coach and a fellow in metabolic, nutritional, anti-aging, and functional medicine. She has a Graduate degree in Theology, a Master's degree in Medical Science, and extensive knowledge in exercise physiology.

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