• Wendy Finkelstein

Who is Wendy? Why Nephesh?

The journey throughout my life has led me to discover and connect with my true purpose. My memories as a PA are embedded with moments of shame, fear and the constant worry of disapproval. Being a woman in the medical field is hard enough and when you add the title of Physician “Assistant”, it does not get any easier. I have buried my head and held my tongue more times than I care to admit. My former self was coerced into making medical judgments and initiating treatment plans that I knew were not going to “fix” the problem but instead just cover up symptoms and bury the root causes deeper into the souls of those suffering. I believe that the universe puts us in these types of uncomfortable situations to teach us a valuable lesson. By staying quiet, being agreeable, avoiding conflict and staying small, we truly are doing ourselves and others a disservice. If we don’t stand up for what is right, then who will? I am and have always been an intelligent, curious and goal-oriented high achiever. I am the distiller of medical complexity and an acute diagnostician. I strive to be an active listener, a co-conspirator and a loyal practitioner to all of my patients. I find true joy when I am in service of a patient’s health and optimal expression. It has taken me 45 years to finally synthesize my clinical expertise with my spiritual background and show up proud and in truth. My gifts have always been my launching pad for success and now I get to put them into practice. I currently work at Hippocrates Health Institute, a vegan lifestyle, wellness education facility in West Palm Beach, Florida. I also work at Liquivida Lounge, where I practice regenerative and functional medicine.

Why Nephesh and why now?

It has become increasingly clear to me that the traditional health care system is failing its patients. I am seeing more depressed and exhausted individuals who have lost what is most important to have in the healing process: hope. Our exposures and accumulation of biotoxins have amplified the complexity of symptoms. The mounting cases of diabetes, hypertension and autoimmune disease are not the norm. We are losing the ability to fight off viruses and a simple infectious process can send our bodies into a storm and cause a tremendous burden of stress. We have evolved into a new species that requires new paradigms to heal. The physical manifestations of illnesses have left conventional doctors baffled. The trend in traditional medicine is that since we don’t know what something is, it must not be real. More patients are being told that their illness is psychosomatic and are prescribed pharmaceutical drugs that don’t work. I collaborate with many excellent doctors and am grateful that more are shifting into a system that honors the patient and utilizes the tried and true method of patience. Without patience and a commitment by both the practitioner and the patient, the process of healing will not be successful. Nephesh is the Hebrew term for the “soul”. In a metaphorical model, the soul is not primed to survive outside the physical body unless it is served. Our bodies hold unconscious trauma and cellular memory and without its collaboration, our souls will not evolve. Nephesh Health is more than just a name. Nephesh is the awareness of a bigger story around the experiences you are having in the physical plane. Stories can create thoughts, emotions, and results that take shape in our bodies. When we excavate these stories and experiences in partnership with the miracles of our bodies, we shift the expression of our DNA and our Nephesh evolves. As a creator and change-maker in the world, I invite you to join me. Nephesh is an enlightened approach to health and healing that is devoted to treating the whole self. I combine mindset work and coaching with energy devices and clinical testing in service of your optimal frequency

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