Heartprint™ 2week program




  • 10 PlasmaRx™ Hyberbaric Sanctuary treatments


  • Patented in chamber diagnostics to personalize oxygen pressures


  • Initial Heart Rate Variability HRV


  • Initial Consultation with Wendy Finkelstein PA-C, MMS and Dr. Raja
 Complimentary pre-treatment Hydrogen water and Mito-Nutrients


  • Pt goes home with one complimentary Karnozin Extra bottle (120Pills) 


  • Access to Electroceuticals, PEMF, Photo-biomodulation



Heartprint™ Electroceutical Upgrade:

(Upgrade to Heartprint™ program)




  • Vielight Photo-biomodulation (PBM) 20 min session PRE-PlasmaRx Hyperbaric Session
  • Post Electrical Magnetic Frequency (PEMF) is an 8min POST-PlasmaRx session


Cost: $150/ for 1 week or Cost: $250/ for 2 weeks (preferred)

Heartprint™ 2 Week Program