Who is a candidate?

Anyone interested in improving metabolic flexibility, decreasing inflammation, improving fat burning. Preventing chronic disease, and most importantly activating your highest frequency.


Most DiS-eae starts at a cellular level when oxygen capacity and its utilization declines. Weight gain, fatigue, immune dysfunction, diabetes, muscle loss, and toxic body burden are all a consequence of mitochondrial decay. Improving cellular energy production, and healing begin with understanding your own unique mitochondrial switches and tapping into them.




Total of 3 30-minute medical consultations. Value $400

  • Initial consultation
  • HRV interpretation (see below)
  • MPP interpretation(see below)


130 minute Psychosynthesis life coaching session Value- $150

a deeper exploration into the part of the psyche that may be contributing to energy drains. Bring awareness and activate to our will and strengthen our ability to choose health more powerfully.


Metabolic performance testing and interpretation- Value $450

an easy first morning urine collection that assesses cellular energy pathways, micronutrient deficiencies, methylation cofactors, gut function, muscle efficiency, and oxidative stress markers.


Heart rate Variability testing (HRV) and interpretation- Value $150 . Using a Patented high bandwidth medical grade European device to measure your Mitochondrial voltage, we can get baseline data to compare our interventions. Includes 2 measurements: Initial and 6-8 weeks later


Mito Nutrients:

1 bottle of Karnozin Extra

1 bottle of Kmplex Q10


6-week aerobic base building workout plan value $99


Total Value $1400.00


Limited time offer $750.00



Read the link below for more info:


Mitochondrial Restoration Package


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