Wellness Concierge Program

Nephesh Commitment Package is a personalized, comprehensive, integrative and caring follow-up program that can provide the continuity of care you deserve.


To fully grasp the underlying root causes of many chronic illnesses, advanced laboratory studies are often necessary. These tests include gut microbiome, metal testing, genetics, hormones, and metabolic markers. Due to 2-3 week turn around times along with multiple follow-ups in order to review and incorporate these results into a comprehensive personalized health plan, a follow-up program ensures that you get the on-going attention you deserve.


Nephesh Commitment Package is dedicated to promoting optimal health and continuity of care. By choosing to enroll, you will be afforded the following services:

  • Initial consultation with record review 

  • Recommendations for further laboratory and imaging  procedures as appropriate

  • Monthly follow-up with the provider (review outstanding labs as well as follow-up of clinical course)

  • Availability of providers as needed during regular business hours

  • Age Management/Longevity protocols utilizing hormones, peptides, and nutraceuticals*

  • Services exclude acute emergency medical conditions - please notify your primary care physicians or emergency medical services if immediate care is needed

  • Additional testing and prescription/supplement fees

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Aging is not Anti-Anything

Regenerative Medicine

Gracious aging begins with gratitude. There is no need to reverse, undo, or go back in time. Our aging souls are being stained by these false messages. Reclaiming your beauty starts from the inside. There is nothing wrong with getting older except for our mindset!

Regenerative medicine captures the real time needs of the human body. Aging is a natural evolution of the spirit and it is more about what that spirit radiates from the inside out. External beauty is a direct consequence of your soul’s vibration. Youth can be experienced at any age when we vibrate at an optimum frequency. 

Unfortunately, the external and internal world creates a scaffolding that can become weakened. This can accelerate aging, cause weight gain, inflammation and ultimately lower our vitality decreasing our life expectancy.  When our Nephesh, aka soul/energy body is in healthy communication with our physical body, conscious aging becomes a celebration of the body’s own innate ability to heal and repair. 

Aging is a call for celebration and an opportunity to feel grateful. I believe by deconstructing the common paradigms of the aging process we can fully emerge into our youth at any age.  Regenerative Medicine embodies the art of integrative health with a heart-forward empathetic approach which validates the human experience. Coupled with her expert skills in cosmetic and general dermatology, Wendy has a skilled eye when it comes to injectables such as Botox, Dysport, Restylane, Juvederm products.


Heavy Metal and Mold Toxicity

Mold and other biotoxins can accumulate in the body and 25% of the populations have genetics that prevents their immune systems from eradicating them. Instead, the body reacts with unfavorable circuitry that worsens the symptoms causing these individuals to become dysfunctional. They express symptoms that include extreme chemical/smell sensitivities, allergic tendencies, anxiety, depression, insomnia, headache, rashes, vibrating pain, poor focus and cognition, sweating, nausea, diarrhea, constipation and weight changes. This is called a CIRS Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome. Nephesh offers detailed testing and utilizes precision personalized treatment to detox the body from the biotoxin.


The most common heavy metals toxins are Lead, Mercury and arsenic. They can be found in seafood, amalgams, water supply and some occur in nature. Like mold certain individuals lack the ability to detox efficiently and as a result, these metals can build up in the body. Heavy metal toxicity is associated with chronic inflammation, heart disease, hormone imbalance, and severe micronutrient deficiencies.

Nephesh offers Heavy metal testing and chelation protocols that assist the body in detoxifying metals.


Weight Loss

Lifestyle, stress, toxins, hormonal changes can influence our bodies ability to mobilize fat for energy, thereby causing weight gain. Metabolism and weight are influenced by genetics, inflammation and most importantly diet and lifestyle choices. Although HCG diets and medications like phentermine work in the instant gratification arena, in order to really keep the body weight at an ideal set point while also  having joy and abundance around food requires a much more -layered approach that takes a mindset commitment. This process often begins with detoxification and repletion of nutrients that are needed to energize the organs and cellular systems that participate in mobilization and utilization of energy and detox. 


Wendy often likes to begin with re-establishing the brain body gut connection by looking at organic acids and micronutrients. Many times, looking at genomics and  SNP (single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) that play a role in cravings, feeling full, overeating, dopamine and serotonin and other neurotransmitters are necessary to target effective therapies.  Nephesh Health combines the science around intermittent fasting, mitochondrial restoration, peptides, and nutrition in their weight loss packages. 

Human Optimization Protocol

A six-week peptide protocol

Designed for busy health conscious individuals and athletes ages-25 to 65 and over who want to:

  • improve in body composition (decrease body fat and increase lean muscle)

  • enhanced cognitive function

  • Speed up repair and recovery after exercise

  • Finally recover from chronic overuse injuries

Cellular Optimization through a 3-phase approach

Phase 1

Cellular Rejuvenation

You will receive a 5 day Prolon fast with everything you need to consume.


Day 1 is 1200 calories while days 2-5 are 800 calories. All components are based on research done by longevity expert Dr. Walter Longo at the University of Southern California. The calories in this “Fasting mimicking Diet” are not recognized by the body as food which in turn activates self-healing, and longevity pathways. The Prolon 5 day fast, activates the death of senescent cells AKA aging/inflammatory cells by increasing a natural self- cleansing process known as autophagy. This process Increases stem cell activation which activates the healing and regenerative properties of the body.


The goal of phase 1 is to decrease inflammation and shift the body into a more efficient fat-burning mode.

Phase 2

Cellular Efficiency

By supplementing with NAD, collagen and CJC/Ipamorelin (a growth hormone releasing peptide), we can restore key components that have been depleted due to the aging process. Benefits include:
Improve Sleep to replenish natural stores.

  • NAD, required for energy production in the brain, immune system, and muscle tissue, improves DNA repair, and Improves mitochondrial function

  • Collagen to boost skin elasticity, repair of tendons and ligaments, reduces joint pain after expercise

  • Apha-GPC Improves growth hormone, Improves cognitive function and memory and decreases stress induced brain fog.

  • -CJC/Ipamorelin(Nightly dosing): Helps stage 4 sleep, increasing cells energy efficiency, upregulates ATP and metabolism,, Improve Mitochondrial function and biogenesis

Phase 3

Optimize Cell Signaling

CJC/Ipamorelin - Increase CJC/Ipamorelin dosing to twice-daily dosing to increase the amplitude of growth hormone secretions throughout the day. This improves the breakdown of fat, continues to improve Increased cognitive function, memory, Increased lean muscle, and repair and recovery.

Prolon Fasting Mimicking Diet

Prolon Fasting Mimicking Diet does exactly that. It mimicks fasting in your body while allowing you to eat food. Two decades of research on fasting has shown that four to five days of fasting are ideal to encourage cellular rejuvenation. Inventors from the University of Southern California developed this nutrition program to help you reap many benefits of a five-day fast without the deprivation. Experience weight loss*, metabolic balance and cellular rejuvenation. This is what makes the FMD unique and effective for healthy aging and prevention.

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